Advanced Robotics Automation Platform

Advanced Robotics Automation Platform

Only Yamaha can offer your production lines Total Optimization.

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.’s new “Advanced Robotics Automation Platform” realizes the effective,
quick, low cost construction of automated manufacturing lines, with a significantly greater unity with IoT.
The platform offers a completely renewed lineup of all the robotic products used in a variety of automated processes including transfer,
handling, assembling and image recognition, and also provides new type products such as linear conveyor module LCM-X series,
scara robot YKX series, single axis robots GX series ,YLE series and robot camera YFAEYE.
In addition to these groups of products, Yamaha is also launching the integrated type controllers YHX series,
that enables cooperative and synchronous control of these robot products.
Yamaha is confident that this product lineup will provide solutions to the challenges your factory faces,
and dramatically accelerate automated production to maximize the effects of your investment.

Linear conveyors modules LCM-X

Shorter transport time
Increased production
Lower costs
Smaller space requirements
Complete absolute position system No need to return to origin
Stop position repeatability: ±5 μm、Maximum acceleration: 5 G、Maximum speed: 3 m/sec
Linear conveyor modules LCM-X

Even more advanced usability enables centralized control with a single Universal Controller


Centralized control by Universal Controller

A single Universal Controller can control all the sliders in a centralized manner including slider circulation.
Capable of cooperative motion with peripheral robots, the Universal Controller enables you to build up a highly sophisticated transport process.

The bridge pier structure enables speedy setup.

The connection units allow highly accurate mechanical connection of the modules. All you have to do is tighten the bolts. The mechanical connection also completes the electrical connection at the same time without additional connection cables.
Considerably easy setup saves you a lot of time.

Use of module with built-in motor driver saves electrical wiring.

The unitized electro-mechanical structure with a motor driver built in the module controls entire LCM-X. Connecting with the Universal Controller via one YQ Link cable is all you have to do. It surely contributes to saving space in the control panel.

Low profile structure

Use of the newly developed linear motor makes the module height approximately half compared with the previous model. You can also use a space under the frame.

Able to identify slider IDs

The multi-track magnetic sensor enables to identify a slider ID at any point in the transport process.
Even if you have unintentionally changed sliders, the system correctly identifies the ID of each slider.

Universal controller YHX series

Cutting down space required in a control panel 65%
Decreasing wiring man-hours
Controllable robots 64units
Universal controller YHX series

Realizing integrated control of units, peripheral devices, and operation


Capable of integrated control between robots and peripheral devices

Control peripheral devices such as robots, linear conveyors and image processing cameras and so forth that are compatible with the Advanced Robotics Automation Platform in an integrated manner. You can build up a highly sophisticated automated system.

【Number of axes controlled simultaneously】64 axes
【Number of robots controlled simultaneously】64 robots and sliders
【Number of motors controlled simultaneously】255 motors

Integrating PLC complying with international standards, All set for IoT compatibility

Integrating a high performance, high speed general purpose PLC and capable of handling 5 languages that comply with IEC61131-3, the Universal Controller can control entire automated units and devices including robots and peripheral devices. Besides, it has a flexibility and expandability to further become compatible with IoT and Industrie4.0.

Stacking structure an industry first

The stacking structure including as far as a motor driver and a motor drive power supply dramatically reduces the electrical wiring.
Stacking all the control power supply, motor drive power supply, high speed network communications, and safety circuits eliminates electrical wiring between units while reducing the costs and man-hours for electrical installation to 30% to 50% of those for previous models.

Easy to operate whole screen programming pad

The programming pad comprising an approximately 10-inch whole screen liquid crystal touch panel with safety functions employs an easy to operate interface. It handles 3 languages of Japanese, English, and Chinese.

Cuts down the space required in a control panel by up to 65%

Single-axis robots GX series/YLE series

Single-axis robots GX series/YLE series
GX series

All models equipped with ground ball screws

All product models employ highly efficient, highly accurate ground ball screws as the standard features.
The lead accuracy complies with JIS accuracy class C5 that brings about the positioning accuracy repeatability of ±5 μm. The accuracy is about two times better than the previous.
This highly accurate positioning accuracy repeatability improves yield, too.
In addition, the unit is quieter with a longer service life.

Shortest overall length in the industry

The overall length with reference to the stroke is the shortest in the industry.
This significantly contributes to saving production facility footprints.

Made to the clean specification as a standard feature

The top face on the main body of all models is lined with dustproof, excellently durable stainless steel sheet. The arrangement suppresses foreign matter contamination from outside.
Yet another standard feature suction tap only needs piping joint for drawing air to be used in a clean environment.

Easy to alter specifications

- The “Forget it now, think it later” concept significantly decreases man-hours for design check.
- Attaching angle unit
Attach a developed angle unit to a standard motor. This enables left and right motor to change directions while making the units layout high density.
- Changing the location of robot cable pullout
The direction of cable pullout can be changed to customer’s specification.

No need to return to origin / Compatible with absolute position system without battery

With the complete absolute position system employed, you do not have to return the units to their origins after the trans-installation or startup. An absolute position system without a battery is also available.
YLE series

The extensive lineup of products enables a wide range of combinations

Slider type YLEF

11 types
【Ball screw drive】
【Belt drive】

Rotary table type YLER

6 types

Rod type YLEY

16 types
【Rod type】
【Rod type with guide】

Miniature type YLEP

4 types
【Miniature rod】
【Miniature slide table】

Slide table type YLES

12 types
【Low profile type】
【High rigidity type】

Electrical gripper type YLEH

20 types
【Two claws】
【Two claws dust cover】
【Two claws long stroke】
【3 claws】

SCARA robot YKX series

High speed, high rigidity, and high performance
User friendly design
Maintenance free
Maintenance free 0.28s
SCARA robot YKX series

High speed and high rigidity

YAMAHA’s unique structure of directly coupled motor and reduction gears (completely eliminating belts) and strengthened drive system brings about even higher rigidity and high speed motion.
This improves the practical motion performances with a tool and work piece actually held in place. The model with 400 mm arm length achieves the standard cycle time of 0.28 second that is proudly the shortest in the industry.*
※According to YAMAHA’s survey:
Standard cycle time of model with 400 mm arm length – 0.28 second

Connection cables completely separated from robot main body

The robot connection cables are easily detachable from the robot main body. This makes it easy to install robots and to change cable length.
The robot arm is designed to have utility space and installation screws to hook up peripheral devices such as user tools. Besides, the robot has internal electrical wiring and pneumatic piping as the standard features that can accommodate a variety of possible applications including pneumatic devices, solenoid valves, and camera devices. This facilitates you to introduce a robotics system.

No need to return to origin / Compatible with absolute position system without battery replacement

The motor is made to the specification of complete absolute position system.
You do not have to return the units to their origins after the trans-installation or startup, contributing to significantly decreasing man-hours.
Equipped with the absolute position system requiring no battery replacement, you do not have to replace the battery.

Maintenance free

All the articulated joints are directly coupled with the motor reduction gears without using belts and other elements at all. This eliminates periodic burden of taking up belts and helps maintain the high accuracy for a long period of time.

Robot cameras YFAEYE

High performance 5 million pixels Equipped with CMOS sensor
Achieves high speed processing at high frame rate Photographing speed 70fps(12bit), 105fps (8bit)
Compatible with a variety of image processing demands「Inspection for presence/absence」 「Position detection」 「Character code identification」 「Measurement」 「Color identification」
Robot cameras YFAEYE

A single robot camera manages a series of processes from capturing photographs to image processing.

Equipped with image processing functions including capturing photographs, image processing circuits, CPU, and all necessary software programs, the YFAEYE is an all-in-one unit robot camera. You can directly connect the camera with robots and PLCs without an external board at all.
Besides capturing photographs, image processing, position detection, and character/code identification, the YFAEYE robot camera can control lighting at the same time. One single YFAEYE robot camera does it all for image processing.

Setting parameters automatically

You use the programming pad compatible with touch-to-operate function to operate the camera.
Forget the pre-processes such as image registration and use of the filter and processes requiring skills such as extracting a special feature necessary for determining a search mode and parameter setting. Leave them to the camera. All you have to do is selecting a purpose. The camera takes care of the rest.
If necessary, you can further tune up the setting based on the automatically determined parameters.

Auto calibration

Robots having two or more axes and method of installing the robot camera are compatible with the auto calibration function.
You simply follow the wizard. The camera will come up with complete set of highly accurate calibration settings for you. Even if the position is displaced, the camera restores the original condition immediately for processing on the spot.

Seamless collaboration with Universal Controller

One Ethernet cable is all you need to connect the robot camera with an YHX series Universal Controller.
The display is part of the YHX Universal Controller, making you feel to operate them as one unit. In a similar manner to program creation and point data editing, you can also register the work piece types.

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